Joey Cordova…..this guy flies high with style.

The Mike’s Camera/Sony Outlaws of Dirt made its debut at the Lyons Outdoor Games in June. The turnout for both the amateur and pro categories was super, with many awesome BMX and Mountain Bike participants. I have been fortunate to have photographed quite a few unbelievable athletes and events and at the Lyons stop of the Outlaws series one rider really stood out.

Joey Cordova, a pro rider from nearby Longmont, Colorado, has a style and obvious comfort on his bike that really struck me. Being a very tall rider, Joey has the ability to create incredibly fluid tricks with a style that is best described as grace, regardless that the moves are happening 20-30 feet off of the ground.

Not only can this guy ride but he also was instrumental in making the event the success that it was. Joey put in a ton of work, helping build this years course and his efforts paid off with a great start to the series.

Joey Cordova 001 Joey Cordova 002 Joey Cordova 003 Joey Cordova 004 Joey Cordova 005 Joey Cordova 006 Joey Cordova 007 Joey Cordova 008 Joey Cordova 009 Joey Cordova 010

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