YellowZone….Denver has a foam pit!

The Yellow Designs Stunt Team has created a MONSTER. Housed in the back of Big Time Trampoline Fun Center in Arvada, Colorado, YellowZone is bound to become a bike training hotspot for up and coming locals.

What makes this training center unique? Well for starters it’s indoors. Our fall here in Colorado has been mild so far but winter will, no doubt, rear its ugly head and shut down all but the most dedicated outdoor jumpers. Secondly, YellowZone is staffed by members of the Yellow Designs Stunt team. These amazing riders are on hand to ensure safety, provide inspiration and give a tip or two to riders pushing their limits. Finally is the foam pit. This one item may be the key to creating riders that will turn heads wherever they decide to show up.

A foam pit is a safe way to learn challenging new moves while removing the risks of pounding misses into unforgiving dirt. Tricks mastered in “the pit” can more easily be transferred to parks and dirt much more quickly and comfortably. A foam pit is not commonly available for athletes and to have one locally is a gift. The locals who were training last night were definitely taking advantage of it.


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