Lakeside Amusement Park……a five minute session with the new iPhone

Today, while my daughter was at ballet, I went for a walk. There was some sort of accident on Sheridan and the traffic was backed up big time. There was obvious consternation from the masses attempting to go about. I could tell by the honking of horns, which is what drew me over to the Lakeside Amusement Park. I drive by Lakeside a couple of times a week and am always taken by the place. It is like it is frozen in time. I have intended to shoot some images here but never gotten around to figuring out a plan, what time, what lenses, what story to tell? These were all issues that kept me from doing anything. Well. I had a couple of minutes today before I had to pick up Elsa and as the old adage says….the best camera for the job is the one you have with you….right?!?!

I had my phone. Not just any phone, it was my new iphone4stuvwxyz or whatever they are calling them now. I got this phone for the camera that it has. It is really cool and convenient. I have seen lots of guys doing iphone projects but my old iphone camera was the pits. Well the new phone is great and I think the story that I got from Lakeside today is cool. I hope you like it.

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