Sugar Beet….a community driven park gets a dedication.

The Sugar Beet Bike Park in Brighton, Colorado finally got its much given dedication and opening celebration. The park, driven through the process by Logan Holland and conceptualized and designed by Plus Size BMX, had its day in the sun with music, BBQ, clinics and some big tricks. Just the way a park should.

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Friends of Barnum North Bike Park…..working to keep Denver’s downtown park great.

The Friends of Barnum North Bike Park, Plus Size BMX, Gromspot, the City of Denver, and Winter Park Resorts held an fantastic event on a cloudy and then rainy Saturday this October. The event featured great riding, free hotdogs and a wonderful raffle where Denver’s own Mayor Michael Hancock presented a lucky winner with a new bike. The “friends” maintain the park as volunteers headed up by Nick Solonincka, of Salvagetti’s Bike Shop and park designer Phil Rowe. Thanks to all that showed up and too bad it rained so hard.

Lakeside Amusement Park……a five minute session with the new iPhone

Today, while my daughter was at ballet, I went for a walk. There was some sort of accident on Sheridan and the traffic was backed up big time. There was obvious consternation from the masses attempting to go about. I could tell by the honking of horns, which is what drew me over to the Lakeside Amusement Park. I drive by Lakeside a couple of times a week and am always taken by the place. It is like it is frozen in time. I have intended to shoot some images here but never gotten around to figuring out a plan, what time, what lenses, what story to tell? These were all issues that kept me from doing anything. Well. I had a couple of minutes today before I had to pick up Elsa and as the old adage says….the best camera for the job is the one you have with you….right?!?!

I had my phone. Not just any phone, it was my new iphone4stuvwxyz or whatever they are calling them now. I got this phone for the camera that it has. It is really cool and convenient. I have seen lots of guys doing iphone projects but my old iphone camera was the pits. Well the new phone is great and I think the story that I got from Lakeside today is cool. I hope you like it.

Children’s Dance Place…..a truly great place

We have begun what I hope is a great journey into the world of dance. Upon moving to Denver we decided it was time to enroll in dance classes. The start of this journey was full of questions, what style of dance, quality of program, schedule and location made for a tentative start. There were lots of options each of which we really knew nothing about. After extensive internet research, a couple of drive-bys, a bunch of e-mails and a missed first class we chose Children’s Dance Place. What a great choice it has turned out to be. The class is called “Creative Dance” and focuses on general concepts and dance vocabulary. It is full of some very energetic and eager 4 and 5 year old girls. The instructors, Shira and Heather run a tight ship filled with creativity, stories and lots of action. So far we could not have imagined a better opportunity.