Janeen & Michael…..Della Terra Mountain Chateau

What a great experience….shooting Janeen & Michaels fabulous wedding at the amazing Della Terra Mountain Chateau with Meghan Russell. It was a blast! Again, I was able to shoot for my friend Dave Russell and I couldn’t thank him more.

This wedding venue is awesome. Della Terra, located in Estes Park, Colorado was built for weddings and they got it right. From the ballroom to the preparation rooms, the wedding site to the unbelievably beautiful mountain setting; Della Terra offers photo ops that blow my mind. Every nook and cranny there has great image potential.

Janeen & Michael were fantastic as well. Not only are they a very photogenic couple but they were very excited to have great memories captured through our images. We were all over the place and they were game for anything and everything. Best of all it was very obvious that they were in love and enjoying every moment of their wedding day.


Kerry & AJ…..Wild Basin Lodge

I recently had a great opportunity to shoot a wedding for a fellow photographer and friend, Dave Russell, at Wild Basin Lodge near Estes Park, Colorado. I worked with Dave’s wonderful daughter Meghan who is also a very accomplished photographer and has tons of experience shooting at Wild Basin and around Estes Park. I had never shot there so it was exciting to be at a new site. This is the first of a number of shoots that I will be doing for Dave and shooting with Meghan. The bride  and groom, Kerry & AJ were great and super to work with. The day was spectacular and the subjects and location were beautiful.