Fall in Nederland is perfect for portraits!

This fall in Colorado has been a photographer’s playground. The weather has been wonderful and the colors are truly amazing. It is almost as if anything I point my camera at comes out awesome……

We recently shot a portrait session up near Nederland, Colorado on a foggy Sunday morning that looked anything but a good day to shoot. Drizzle, gray, cool and cloudy was what the morning offered down in Denver. Hanging clouds, muted light and color would be ok….but there is always the potential to rise above the clouds here on the front range.

The gamble more than paid off and traveling up a cloud socked Boulder Canyon, the sun started to show through. Arriving in Nederland to find crystal clear blue skies and an unbelievable color palette to place an awesome couple in made the day.

Alex & Chris RVP-1 Alex & Chris RVP-3 Alex & Chris RVP-4 Alex & Chris RVP-5 Alex & Chris RVP-6 Alex & Chris RVP-8 Alex & Chris RVP-9 Alex & Chris RVP-10 Alex & Chris RVP-11 Alex & Chris RVP-12 Alex & Chris RVP-13 Alex & Chris RVP-14 Alex & Chris RVP-15 Alex & Chris RVP-16

A baby on the way!

It is always a pleasure and an honor to photograph expecting parents. Anticipating the arrival of a new little one is so very exciting and special. We captured many of these beautiful images in the very spot where marriage was proposed….welcome to the next step and congratulations!

Heather & Matt RVP 001 Heather & Matt RVP 002 Heather & Matt RVP 003 Heather & Matt RVP 004 Heather & Matt RVP 005 Heather & Matt RVP 006 Heather & Matt RVP 007 Heather & Matt RVP 008 Heather & Matt RVP 009 Heather & Matt RVP 010