“Chool Jam”…..Yellow Designs Stunt Team puts together a crowd pleaser.

Last Sunday, as glimpses of fall began to appear, a group of sponsors, fans and competitors got together to celebrate one last summer jam. Flatland and ramp riders alike came together to exhibit skills and friendship, while pushing each other to the brink. Yellow Designs Team played host to the event and sponsors like Hoffman and S&M bikes, Fiveten Footwear, Illegal Pete’s, Pusher BMX, Standard Bykes, Joe’s Bike Shop and Vitamin Water all helped make things happen. The jam took place outside the Big Time Trampoline Fun Center in Arvada, Colorado, and if you have never seen it best check it out soon. Don’t forget the kiddies.



Dirt Jump Mania…..Plus Size BMX puts on a huge event at the Lyons Outdoor Games

WOW! That is the perfect way to describe the show that the riders, organizers and fans put on at this year’s dirt jump event at the Lyons Outdoor Games. The boys from Plus Size BMX and a bunch of local riders built a masterpiece at the Lyons dirt jump park and the competitors came to play. It was an event to remember to say the least.

The competition was fierce from the amateurs to the pros all to be topped off by a best trick session that should go down in history. The wind was howling, a 40 year old man threw a 720 and a flip-whip stole the show. It was hard to edit all of the super images down to even this many. All in a days work.