Sugar Beet….a community driven park gets a dedication.

The Sugar Beet Bike Park in Brighton, Colorado finally got its much given dedication and opening celebration. The park, driven through the process by Logan Holland and conceptualized and designed by Plus Size BMX, had its day in the sun with music, BBQ, clinics and some big tricks. Just the way a park should.

Sugar Beet Opening RVP  0001 Sugar Beet Opening RVP  0002 Sugar Beet Opening RVP  0003 Sugar Beet Opening RVP  0004 Sugar Beet Opening RVP  0005 Sugar Beet Opening RVP  0006 Sugar Beet Opening RVP  0007 Sugar Beet Opening RVP  0008 Sugar Beet Opening RVP  0009 Sugar Beet Opening RVP  0010 Sugar Beet Opening RVP  0011 Sugar Beet Opening RVP  0012

Downtown Jamming…..the SE Bikes Team descends on Denver.

With torrential rains all over Colorado’s front range, a blue hole formed over downtown Denver just in time for some wild riding. Plus Size BMX along with TRVE Brewing hosted an improvised sidewalk jam for visiting SE Bikes Team riders. Kris Fox, Pat “Big Daddy” Laughlin, Josh Clemens and Ross Lanier got up close and personal with fans and pedestrians alike on the sidewalk of South Broadway for a quick “up-box” jam. Locals came out to join the fun as well, with Colorado local DJ Brandt showing everyone that he too could rip it up on a 20″ bike.

Later the crew moved on to the Denver Skate Park and were treated to a fantastic sunset and some sick tricks. Not a bad night for Friday the 13th!

SE Bikes RVP 0001 SE Bikes RVP 0002 SE Bikes RVP 0003 SE Bikes RVP 0004 SE Bikes RVP 0005 SE Bikes RVP 0006 SE Bikes RVP 0007 SE Bikes RVP 0008 SE Bikes RVP 0009 SE Bikes RVP 0010

2013 Colorado Freeride Festival…..Winter Park creates quite a spectacle.

The 2013 Colorado Freeride Festival was held the weekend of July 27th in Winter Park, Colorado and the event appeared to be a huge success. The Trestle Bike Park crew along with FMB rider Kelly McGarry built a course that featured huge hits and technical features. The progression of tricks the competitors worked through, as finals approached, was unbelievable. Big crowds, big air and lots of fun highlighted a great event.

2013 CFF RVP Blog 001 2013 CFF RVP Blog 002 2013 CFF RVP Blog 003 2013 CFF RVP Blog 004 2013 CFF RVP Blog 005 2013 CFF RVP Blog 006 2013 CFF RVP Blog 007 2013 CFF RVP Blog 008 2013 CFF RVP Blog 009 2013 CFF RVP Blog 010 2013 CFF RVP Blog 011 2013 CFF RVP Blog 012 2013 CFF RVP Blog 013 2013 CFF RVP Blog 014 2013 CFF RVP Blog 015 2013 CFF RVP Blog 016 2013 CFF RVP Blog 017

Bike Best Trick…..snow, darkness, fire Oh yeah.

It’s crazy how a day can turn out. I had the opportunity to go up to Vail and shoot the 2013 Winter Mountain Games for Plus Size BMX. I was so excited to go and shoot great riders going off of a huge ramp, pulling amazing tricks on snow no less. What a cool thing to shoot.

The main event was going to feature a giant ball of fire after each athlete went off of the jump. Cool right? Not so cool for trying to nail low light exposures. I have been very reluctant to jump into the big remote strobe world. I like to move around when I shoot and move my lighting as well, not being tied to a static light source. To say that my approach was different then the other photographers covering the event is an understatement. The lights-stands and strobes that were set up looked like a glade more suited for tree skiing. I got nervous pretty fast. I had decided to travel light due to potentially snowy, wet conditions. I had even elected to leave the light stand, that I do occasionally carry, in the car. There were going to be lights for the event that should work with my highly sensitive very fancy camera.

That proved to be wishful thinking and I was beginning to scramble. The event was about to begin, I could not seem to synch-up with any light from the many other strobes and the images that I was getting were junk. A great photographer once told me that creating images that are different is a good thing. I agree under some circumstance but this was not one of them. I recalled a term used by another of my favorite photographers, the Voice-Activated Light-stand or VAL. I had an epiphany.

My Father had come with me. He had a great day of skiing and had received a spare press pass as my assistant. Little did he know that he was going to be called into duty. I dug through my bag grabbed an extra flash, messed with my camera settings, gave a two minute lecture on what I wanted him to do and the event was underway. It worked! My Father or assistant or VAL proved to be awesome and I got some pretty interesting images of a really great event.

I don’t usually create such wordy posts here. I like to let the images speak for themselves but…..It sure is interesting how a day can turn out.

2013 Mountain Games RVP  0012013 Mountain Games RVP  0022013 Mountain Games RVP  0032013 Mountain Games RVP  0042013 Mountain Games RVP  0052013 Mountain Games RVP  0062013 Mountain Games RVP  0072013 Mountain Games RVP  0082013 Mountain Games RVP  0092013 Mountain Games RVP  0102013 Mountain Games RVP  0112013 Mountain Games RVP  0122013 Mountain Games RVP  0132013 Mountain Games RVP  0142013 Mountain Games RVP  0152013 Mountain Games RVP  0162013 Mountain Games RVP  0172013 Mountain Games RVP  0182013 Mountain Games RVP  0192013 Mountain Games RVP  0202013 Mountain Games RVP  0212013 Mountain Games RVP  0222013 Mountain Games RVP  0232013 Mountain Games RVP  0242013 Mountain Games RVP  0252013 Mountain Games RVP  0262013 Mountain Games RVP  0272013 Mountain Games RVP  028

Results of the 2013 Winter Mountain Games Best Trick Bike:

1st                  Garrett Robertson

2nd                 Chris Van Dine

3rd                  DJ Brandt

4th                  Zach Lewis

5th                  Tanner Leslie

6th                  Eric Johnson

7th                  Alan Mandel

Unfortunately, Dominic Megalli was injured during the practice session and was unable to compete.

A big day for Big Tex

On a weird day in Colorado that had mid-day temps in the 60’s then snow by afternoon a young Texas stud put on quite a show at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder. Not to be deterred by gusting winds, Plus Size BMX & Black Market Bikes rider Clayton Shank no-handered, whipped and flipped off the best of what this park has to offer. Near empty on a beautiful Monday in January, the few that were on hand got to see some phenomenal riding by this young man.

Big Tex or Mr. Clayton, as my 6 year old calls him, holds a special place in our hearts. He is Elsa’s de facto private bike instructor and according to her is “the man”. I couldn’t ask for a better role model.

Enjoy a collection of recent images of Big Tex from this past weekend. Hard to believe it’s January. Got to love Colorado!

Big Tex January 001 Big Tex January 002 Big Tex January 003 Big Tex January 004 Big Tex January 005 Big Tex January 006 Big Tex January 007 Big Tex January 008 Big Tex January 010 Big Tex January 011

Big Tex January 012

Big Tex January 009

Clayton Shank…..this boy can ride

Yesterday I stopped by Barnum North Bike Park in Denver and hooked up with my friend Clayton Shank for some an awesome dirt jump session. Clayton is a fantastic up and coming rider with big plans for the future.

Clayton is fortunate to be supported in his love of riding from some great companies. Black Market Bikes, Plus Size BMX, the Fix Bike Shop, IXS Sports Division, VP Pedals, Novik Gloves and Evo Hemp all see something special in Clayton. Once you see this kid do his thing you will know why.

Clayton’s goals for next season reach almost as high as his signature “whips”. Road trips to compete across the county and a coveted top 10 in the inaugural season of Colorado’s own Outlaws of Dirt series are just the beginning of what Mr. Clayton has set his sights on.

Good Luck Clayton.

Brighton Jumpspot….. almost there.

I had to post an update on the progress of one of the front range’s newest bike parks. Saturday was the first day that Brighton Jumpsot was sort of open. RIders got to test all of the features and burn in jump lines on what will soon be one of the hottest places for riders of all abilities to work their skills.

Logan Holland, the guys from Plus Size BMX, Gromspot and all of the local volunteers have done a fantastic job creating a jumping masterpiece.

Tricks & Treats Jam…..Sandstone Park was the place to be.

Just before Halloween at Longmont’s Sandstone Bike Park, a group of riders came together for an extraordinary event that featured tricks, treats, costumes and crashes. The riders showed their skills and pushed their limits. The “call-out” format, which was MC’d by Longmont’s own Mike Murfitt Jr. had contestants on their toes and digging deep into their individuals bags of tricks. For those that are not familiar, a “call-out” involves a specific trick to be done on a specific feature of Sandstone’s incredibly varied terrain. The contest finale was a treacherous event in one of the larger bowls where all of the riders entered at once, attempted to avoid collisions and crowned the winner as the last to put a foot down.

Sponsors included Plus Size BMX, Joe’s Bike Shop, Outlaws of Dirt and Kink & Sunday Bikes. Needless to say the day was a spectacle and spooktacular good time.

Friends of Barnum North Bike Park…..working to keep Denver’s downtown park great.

The Friends of Barnum North Bike Park, Plus Size BMX, Gromspot, the City of Denver, and Winter Park Resorts held an fantastic event on a cloudy and then rainy Saturday this October. The event featured great riding, free hotdogs and a wonderful raffle where Denver’s own Mayor Michael Hancock presented a lucky winner with a new bike. The “friends” maintain the park as volunteers headed up by Nick Solonincka, of Salvagetti’s Bike Shop and park designer Phil Rowe. Thanks to all that showed up and too bad it rained so hard.