First Base…..Red Bull Air Force makes history at Four Seasons, Denver.

On a beautiful late summer night in downtown Denver, Colorado Red Bull Air Force members Miles Daisher & Jeff Provenzano made a bit of history. With a flawless leap from the top of Four Seasons, Denver, these two became the first to legally base jump from a downtown Denver building.

It was an unbelievable experience and quite an honor to be up at the top of the hotel with these two as they went through their pre-jump check-list and mental preparation for what was truly a remarkable feat.

FS Basejump WMs-40 FS Basejump WMs-42 FS Basejump WMs-48 FS Basejump WMs-50 FS Basejump WMs-54 FS Basejump WMs-66 FS Basejump WMs-70 FS Basejump WMs-80 FS Basejump WMs-81

Base WMs-30FS Basejump WMs-85 FS Basejump WMs-89 FS Basejump WMs-90 FS Basejump WMs-92 FS Basejump WMs-99

Boulder Residence…..A beatiful collaboration between Vintage Woods and 12 Dime Design

Vintage Woods, a manufacturer of pre-finished beetle-kill wood products and 12 Dime Design, a reseller of high-end custom home finishes recently completed an awesome project on a custom residence in Boulder, Colorado. The residence was designed by Faye Crowe Architect and built by McCrerey Fine Homes and features siding created from beetle-kill pine with a brown finish. The beetle-kill siding is unique in that the manufacturing process acts not only as a sealer for the wood but also provides a wonderful antique look that reminds of old barn-wood and hides the tell-tale “blue streak” common in beetle-kill pine. The siding is available in barn-red, brown, grey and dark grey. These options create great design versatility and the raw beetle-kill material has the potential to be custom milled for any number of creative uses. The finishes may also be applied to other species of woods including Douglas Fir beams creating the opportunity for use in both interior and exterior truss work.

The project turned out great and the residence and the property made for some beautiful images.

Children’s Dance Place…..a truly great place

We have begun what I hope is a great journey into the world of dance. Upon moving to Denver we decided it was time to enroll in dance classes. The start of this journey was full of questions, what style of dance, quality of program, schedule and location made for a tentative start. There were lots of options each of which we really knew nothing about. After extensive internet research, a couple of drive-bys, a bunch of e-mails and a missed first class we chose Children’s Dance Place. What a great choice it has turned out to be. The class is called “Creative Dance” and focuses on general concepts and dance vocabulary. It is full of some very energetic and eager 4 and 5 year old girls. The instructors, Shira and Heather run a tight ship filled with creativity, stories and lots of action. So far we could not have imagined a better opportunity.

4-Mile……a year later


Today I went up to check out the old “hood”. It has been about a year since the devastating Four Mile Fire and things are kind of coming back. I took the camera but was pretty uninspired for most of my tour. I went up Logan Mill, then to Gold Hill and down Sunshine. It was the first time that I had really looked around since the fire. It is still pretty brutal. Lots of black trees, regraded lots where my neighbors homes used to be but also some new grass and growth. There is also quite a bit of evidence of massive runoff on the way up through Gold Hill. I was especially disappointed to see that the old Inn in at Summerville was gone. I was not aware that it had been destroyed. It was not until I was heading down Sunshine Canyon that I felt there were worthy images to be made. There was an area where they had attempted to decrease erosion and spread straw and I imagine wildflower seed. The Flowers were amazing and a beautiful contrast to the burnt trees that stretched into the distance. What a great idea. It really was cool and made for interesting images.