First Base…..Red Bull Air Force makes history at Four Seasons, Denver.

On a beautiful late summer night in downtown Denver, Colorado Red Bull Air Force members Miles Daisher & Jeff Provenzano made a bit of history. With a flawless leap from the top of Four Seasons, Denver, these two became the first to legally base jump from a downtown Denver building.

It was an unbelievable experience and quite an honor to be up at the top of the hotel with these two as they went through their pre-jump check-list and mental preparation for what was truly a remarkable feat.

FS Basejump WMs-40 FS Basejump WMs-42 FS Basejump WMs-48 FS Basejump WMs-50 FS Basejump WMs-54 FS Basejump WMs-66 FS Basejump WMs-70 FS Basejump WMs-80 FS Basejump WMs-81

Base WMs-30FS Basejump WMs-85 FS Basejump WMs-89 FS Basejump WMs-90 FS Basejump WMs-92 FS Basejump WMs-99