Clayton Shank…..this boy can ride

Yesterday I stopped by Barnum North Bike Park in Denver and hooked up with my friend Clayton Shank for some an awesome dirt jump session. Clayton is a fantastic up and coming rider with big plans for the future.

Clayton is fortunate to be supported in his love of riding from some great companies. Black Market Bikes, Plus Size BMX, the Fix Bike Shop, IXS Sports Division, VP Pedals, Novik Gloves and Evo Hemp all see something special in Clayton. Once you see this kid do his thing you will know why.

Clayton’s goals for next season reach almost as high as his signature “whips”. Road trips to compete across the county and a coveted top 10 in the inaugural season of Colorado’s own Outlaws of Dirt series are just the beginning of what Mr. Clayton has set his sights on.

Good Luck Clayton.

Tricks & Treats Jam…..Sandstone Park was the place to be.

Just before Halloween at Longmont’s Sandstone Bike Park, a group of riders came together for an extraordinary event that featured tricks, treats, costumes and crashes. The riders showed their skills and pushed their limits. The “call-out” format, which was MC’d by Longmont’s own Mike Murfitt Jr. had contestants on their toes and digging deep into their individuals bags of tricks. For those that are not familiar, a “call-out” involves a specific trick to be done on a specific feature of Sandstone’s incredibly varied terrain. The contest finale was a treacherous event in one of the larger bowls where all of the riders entered at once, attempted to avoid collisions and crowned the winner as the last to put a foot down.

Sponsors included Plus Size BMX, Joe’s Bike Shop, Outlaws of Dirt and Kink & Sunday Bikes. Needless to say the day was a spectacle and spooktacular good time.

Boulder Green Streets…..loads of fun jumping a box on a bike.

This past weekend Boulder Green Streets hosted the third annual Ciclovia event. East Pearl Street was closed along with an additional three miles of streets around town. The event focused on sustainability and active lifestyle but the real interest was on the corner of 18th & Pearl where Gromspot, Joe’s Bike Shop and Plus Size BMX set up “the box”. Local riders Clayton Shank, Jordan El-Nasser and Mike Murffit Jr. joined Joe from Joe’s Bike Shop and Chris Olivier of Plus Size BMX to wow the crowd with their unbelievable skills and creativity. Jake Kinney, of California’s Woodward West, got big air and jumped a couple of lovely volunteers and 6 year old Little D jumped his dad! Who would have thought that this much fun could be had on a three-foot box?

Want to volunteer? Better to know what you are getting into.

This is another short post before I put up a full set of images from the Boulder Green Streets Demos. We had a couple of great volunteers that were responsible for trying to maintain order on or small section of east Pearl Street. Little did they know that their responsibilities would include being part of the show! They were great sports and had the honor of getting up close and personal with the mad-skills of pro mountain biker and Woodward West director Jake Kinney.

Labor Day Jam…..dirt jump fest at Valmont Bike Park

What a crew on a hot breezy Labor Day at the Valmont Bike Park. The dirt jumpers were out in force and there is no better way to get the best out of a bunch of talented riders than to break out the camera! The boys from Plus Size BMX put on quite a show along with World BMX Champ Collin Hudson and a slew of local talent. Limits were pushed, some successful some not, but it all made for some great shots.


USA Pro Cycling Challenge…..big time bike racing returns to Boulder

Today marked the return of big time bike racing to Boulder Colorado. Stage 6 of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge brought a race, the likes of which, had not been seen in Boulder since the days of the Coors Classic. What a day! Over the last five days these riders have climbed to the sky, racing at elevations unmatched in the world. Olympic medal winners, National Champions, Grande Tour Champions and a slew of the world’s best raced through the streets of Boulder to throngs of ecstatic fans. It was a day that will be remembered with awe.

Valmont Bike Park…..Memorial Day air

Well, yesterday was a fun-filled day to say the least. Woke up and headed for the Bolder Boulder to support the family and shoot some pics, then coordinate a pick-up from the grandparents and find time to get out to the Valmont Bike Park to shoot some big air. What a day.

The riders were great and I was happy to shoot as long as I could before I had to hustle back to go to the Boulder Creek Fest. It is important to never miss out on anything.