Boulder Green Streets…..loads of fun jumping a box on a bike.

This past weekend Boulder Green Streets hosted the third annual Ciclovia event. East Pearl Street was closed along with an additional three miles of streets around town. The event focused on sustainability and active lifestyle but the real interest was on the corner of 18th & Pearl where Gromspot, Joe’s Bike Shop and Plus Size BMX set up “the box”. Local riders Clayton Shank, Jordan El-Nasser and Mike Murffit Jr. joined Joe from Joe’s Bike Shop and Chris Olivier of Plus Size BMX to wow the crowd with their unbelievable skills and creativity. Jake Kinney, of California’s Woodward West, got big air and jumped a couple of lovely volunteers and 6 year old Little D jumped his dad! Who would have thought that this much fun could be had on a three-foot box?

Want to volunteer? Better to know what you are getting into.

This is another short post before I put up a full set of images from the Boulder Green Streets Demos. We had a couple of great volunteers that were responsible for trying to maintain order on or small section of east Pearl Street. Little did they know that their responsibilities would include being part of the show! They were great sports and had the honor of getting up close and personal with the mad-skills of pro mountain biker and Woodward West director Jake Kinney.