Brighton Jumpspot….. almost there.

I had to post an update on the progress of one of the front range’s newest bike parks. Saturday was the first day that Brighton Jumpsot was sort of open. RIders got to test all of the features and burn in jump lines on what will soon be one of the hottest places for riders of all abilities to work their skills.

Logan Holland, the guys from Plus Size BMX, Gromspot and all of the local volunteers have done a fantastic job creating a jumping masterpiece.

Friends of Barnum North Bike Park…..working to keep Denver’s downtown park great.

The Friends of Barnum North Bike Park, Plus Size BMX, Gromspot, the City of Denver, and Winter Park Resorts held an fantastic event on a cloudy and then rainy Saturday this October. The event featured great riding, free hotdogs and a wonderful raffle where Denver’s own Mayor Michael Hancock presented a lucky winner with a new bike. The “friends” maintain the park as volunteers headed up by Nick Solonincka, of Salvagetti’s Bike Shop and park designer Phil Rowe. Thanks to all that showed up and too bad it rained so hard.

Want to volunteer? Better to know what you are getting into.

This is another short post before I put up a full set of images from the Boulder Green Streets Demos. We had a couple of great volunteers that were responsible for trying to maintain order on or small section of east Pearl Street. Little did they know that their responsibilities would include being part of the show! They were great sports and had the honor of getting up close and personal with the mad-skills of pro mountain biker and Woodward West director Jake Kinney.

Go big… to pay the price

Today was the Boulder Green Streets and Gromspot, Joe’s Bike Shop & Plus Size BMX came out in force but more on that later. This post is dedicated to pushing limits and raising the bar. The lesson, sometimes things don’t go quite as planned. Little D a six year old ripper wanted to jump someone like the big guys were. Who better then Dad? Well the jump was successful but the landing did not go by plan A. The tough little guy got cleaned up and was a star in the next two shows. Way to go little D. If it was easy everyone could do it.

By the way…the teeth were gone before this trick!