Lake Arbor Jumps…..still kickin’

I had a chance to go out and shoot at a local Denver jump-spot and the guys did not disappoint. Lake Arbor has been around forever and has recently got some much needed attention. The lines are quick, steep and make for some nice imagery.

Lake Arbor 1 WMs-7 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-11 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-14 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-15 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-17 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-20 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-23 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-29 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-34 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-35 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-40 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-44 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-46

Dirt Jumps….Valmont Bike Park, Boulder Colorado

Wow, what a place! Thanks to the hard work and dedication of an amazing group of organizations, companies and individuals; the Valmont Bike Park has gone from dream to reality. This little piece of paradise located within the city limits of Boulder, Colorado provides a wonderful mix of trails, tracks, jumps and features to please all types and skill levels of off-road cyclists. We made our first visit today and everyone had a blast. I was psyched that there was a group of awesome riders getting big air in the jump park who were willing to put up with me and my gear.