Ink the World…..Live art at the Sea Otter Sender.

The last stop of the Outlaws of Dirt, the Sea Otter Sender, was a great success. There were juniors, amateurs and pros pushing their limits and displaying unbelievable skill and talent on our “Best Trick” course. It was a real crowd pleaser and a super debut at the Sea Otter Classic.

The riders weren’t the only ones putting on a great show. Chad Carothers, founder and creative mind behind Index Ink clothing, worked tirelessly throughout the four days of the event to create a live art masterpiece. The mural, which will find a permanent home at Denver’s new Evolve Action Sports Park, began as a pile of lumber on Wednesday. By Sunday the “Ink the World” Mural was a frequent stopping point of the thousands of fans attending the event.

To be able to watch such a creative process unfold was a real treat and the Outlaws of Dirt and Evolve ASP are fortunate to have Chad be part of the program.

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Outlaws of Dirt 2014 Sea Otter Sender

2014 has began as a great year for the Outlaws of Dirt series. The last stop, at the renown Sea Otter Classic, featured a “Best Trick” contest. The course was tight and technical, featuring a drop from the top of a shipping container, over a couple of rollers to a choice of lips graciously provided by Flow Form Ramps.

For four days the course, affectionately called the “ant hill”, was non-stop activity and action. Riders showed up throughout the day to refine their best trick arsenal. Sunday was competition day with juniors, a ton of amateurs and a good group of dedicated pros going at it. The level of skill and talent was amazing, with some pretty unbelievable accomplishments achieved.

The course was bedazzled with flags and banners of many of the fantastic sponsors that appreciate the opportunity to further the sport. KHS bicycles and Free Agent BMX, the title sponsors of the entire Outlaws series, were well represented as were our friends and Presenting Sponsor REV’D nutrition bars. Also sponsoring were Evolve Action Sports Park, Plus Size BMXTo Write Love on Her Arms, Atomlab, Alex Rims, Kali Protectives, Index Ink, Feedback Sports, VP Components, The Lumberyard and Red Bull. Anyone I have failed to mention, THANKS!

Thanks to the Outlaws of Dirt and the Sea Otter Classic for providing this awesome opportunity.

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Sugar Beet….a community driven park gets a dedication.

The Sugar Beet Bike Park in Brighton, Colorado finally got its much given dedication and opening celebration. The park, driven through the process by Logan Holland and conceptualized and designed by Plus Size BMX, had its day in the sun with music, BBQ, clinics and some big tricks. Just the way a park should.

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Valmont Bike Park…..what better place to spend a Sunday afternoon

Sunday morning, a quick text and I was off to the Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, Colorado to shoot some great riding. Collin Hudson was home for a day in his busy summer of BMX competition. He is off again tomorrow for more races. Thanks for the show and good luck.