Lake Arbor Jumps…..still kickin’

I had a chance to go out and shoot at a local Denver jump-spot and the guys did not disappoint. Lake Arbor has been around forever and has recently got some much needed attention. The lines are quick, steep and make for some nice imagery.

Lake Arbor 1 WMs-7 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-11 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-14 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-15 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-17 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-20 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-23 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-29 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-34 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-35 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-40 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-44 Lake Arbor 1 WMs-46

A big day for Big Tex

On a weird day in Colorado that had mid-day temps in the 60’s then snow by afternoon a young Texas stud put on quite a show at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder. Not to be deterred by gusting winds, Plus Size BMX & Black Market Bikes rider Clayton Shank no-handered, whipped and flipped off the best of what this park has to offer. Near empty on a beautiful Monday in January, the few that were on hand got to see some phenomenal riding by this young man.

Big Tex or Mr. Clayton, as my 6 year old calls him, holds a special place in our hearts. He is Elsa’s de facto private bike instructor and according to her is “the man”. I couldn’t ask for a better role model.

Enjoy a collection of recent images of Big Tex from this past weekend. Hard to believe it’s January. Got to love Colorado!

Big Tex January 001 Big Tex January 002 Big Tex January 003 Big Tex January 004 Big Tex January 005 Big Tex January 006 Big Tex January 007 Big Tex January 008 Big Tex January 010 Big Tex January 011

Big Tex January 012

Big Tex January 009